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Portland Wedding Officiant, Minister, Wedding Ceremony

Jacqueline Mandell, Portland Wedding Officiant

Jacqueline has the unique distinction of being available to officiate your wedding. With the gift of insight and expansive vision, Jacqueline offers expertise and confidence.

Jacqueline is inspired to respectfully write or co-create the words of your wedding to reflect authenticity, happiness, mutual appreciation and loving-kindness, combined with your unique qualities and personal foundation.

Jacqueline enjoys working with your personal style and choices. 
Jacqueline is committed to the refined details of your wedding, listening wholeheartedly to your ideas and desires. Jacqueline goes forward to illuminate and build on your shared vision.

It is always an honor to provide expertise for your wedding ceremony so that you can truly enjoy and joyfully celebrate.

To schedule a complimentary appointment please call Jacqueline at 503.790.1064 or send her an email.



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