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On your wedding day, enjoy your resplendence. Enjoy your wedding ceremony confident that Jacqueline has created a ceremony that honors and celebrates your marriage.
For your wedding day, Jacqueline offers confidence in her attention to details. She generally arrives 45 minutes to an hour before the ceremony ready for the processional. In hand, she has the wedding ceremony that you have already read, reviewed and approved (unless you have chosen not to see the final version).

For the wedding vows: Jacqueline will have you proceed as previously decided to either ‘repeat after me’ or read from prepared cards or a scroll, your wedding vows. Memorizing is not advised.

Rest assured: In the time before the ceremony starts: Jacqueline greets the people who may be coordinating, providing music, sound, and/or audio/video recording. Her goal is to connect with all involved in order to join in producing a seamless wedding day.





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