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Jacqueline MandellPortland Wedding Planner and Officiant

Jacqueline Mandell coincidentally was invited to officiate a wedding during the same summer she began a home study course on wedding planning. Through hosting and leading numerous events, retreats, seminars and lectures across the country and around the world, Jacqueline learned the importance of open-mindedness and attention to detail. She has worked with couples of varied cultures and backgrounds. Traveling around the world and living in Asian countries for five years, she is adept with multicultural influences. Jacqueline has been blessed to work with outstanding couples who wish the best for each other and their futures while honoring their culture and families.

Standing with the bride and groom on their wedding day — at the foundational moment of their life — is always a heart-opening experience. Jacqueline's ceremonies draw upon the heart essence of each couple. Becoming an officiant came as a marvelous surprise to her. It all began when a couple she didn't know requested her to preside over a heart-felt wedding bringing together different backgrounds and heritages. The first bride and groom wanted a portion of their wedding to reflect their interest in Buddhism. Since Jacqueline has taught Buddhist Meditation most of her adult life their requests were fulfilled. Jacqueline trained in dedicated meditation practices and was authorized to teach meditation in three Buddhist lineages. At the conclusion of that highly successful first wedding, the bride and groom approached Jacqueline to say, "Thank you, the wedding was wonderful. We are sure you will be officiating many more weddings." Their prophecy has come true!

Jacqueline is highly organized and has a natural sense of balance and harmony. With the spirit of bringing people together for happiness and joy, Jacqueline’s ability to resonate, reflect and communicate is noticeable in her success in presiding with confidence over each heart-felt ceremony.



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