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Many couples like to write or choose their own wedding commitments. Jacqueline has established a system to easily assist and expedite the choice of wedding vows. Respectful and enriching ceremony planning and collaborative conversations can be kept to a minimum of two, or extended to as many as desired.  Each bride and groom receives a copy of the wedding ceremony created for the wedding.

Adept at ceremonies and public speaking, Jacqueline is honored to preside over the ceremony (including the rehearsal) of one of the most meaningful days of your life. Jacqueline has an understanding and background of planning weddings and events, which adds to her expertise as an officiant.

Jacqueline performs non-denominational ceremonies, and specializes in World Faiths and Buddhist ceremonies.

With over 25 years experience, Jacqueline Mandell is dedicated to creating a ceremony that mirrors and reflects the hearts of the bride and groom. 

She is licensed in both Oregon and Washington.

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