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The Foundation for Lasting Happiness is a Pure Heart.

Lasting Happiness rests on the firm ground of universal qualities. Relationships formed on the basis of open-heartedness emanate compassion, understanding and love. From the base of limitless love comes mutual respect and dignity. Appreciating the value of a loved one creates a natural bond of friendship. With genuine good feelings and respect for one another comes the essential element of positive, mutual communication. Growing together takes attention as well as generosity of spirit, time and matter. To establish an all-embracing lovingkindness is a worthwhile commitment because it brings happiness for every person. Creating a pure hearted relationship is a wealth inheritance for future generations.

Pure Heart Sangha refers to those people near and far who embody the wisdom qualities of a pure heart.

Principle elements of a pure hearted relationship:
(Calligraphy in Tibetan script by Lama Rinchen Phuntsok)

Limitless Love:

Limitless Compassion

Limitless Joy

Limitless Equanimity







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